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By Christel DaundaratneFor Children

Let's Color to Reach a Child's Potential

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Coloring as a tool

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Christel’s Coloring Pages is a collection of beginner-level coloring resources for all the children around the world. Also, it provides a bunch of valuable information about how to use coloring pages more effectively during early stages of a child’s development.


By Christel Daundaratne (OT and a Mom) & Amanda Fernando (Contributor) Melissa Jordan (Design)

boy coloring with crayons by Gajendra Nalaka Daundaratne
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Coloring is a remarkable tool that helps children develop their motor, cognitive and behavioral skills. We all start our fun battle with crayons, color sticks, and pencils by scribbling universally quite messy art works on almost every surface we can find. Then, gradually, basic coloring skills emerge through time, practice, and trial and error. Certainly, as a parent you would feel proud of the child at each phase of their learning despite the new questionable additions to your pre-art white wall of living room. Here, we offer free coloring pages and a load of valuable information and guidelines on why and how to use coloring effectively for best outcomes for children and the parents. Prior to further talk, please acknowledge that I will not be talking about child development standards relevant to specific age as found as norms by studies. Instead, as a spectrum that is unique to each individual. Today, we have to accept that differently-abled children are also part of us and their unique attributes of development stages don’t go align with the “norm”. So, here, I will only be referring to as “child” for any stage of their development as means of inclusion.

How to Guide

How to Guide

It is important to arrange a specific area that is appropriate for coloring and art works at home where you can use consistently. Also, make sure that environment is a pleasant atmosphere for the child, as well. Further, eventually, try to have specific time blocks to color on your timetable. This allows the child to learn structure and routines which is an important aspect in cognitive development and effective learning.

toddler colorng with pencils by christel nalaka daundaratne

Info Blog

Our info Blog is a place to share our knowledge and tips about how to use art work and coloring pages  effectively for the benefit of your child. Especially, about good practices for children with learning disabilities and special needs. Truly, it will be one of our main focuses when creating blog posts as there is  somewhat lack of information about benefits of art works to children with advance needs. Looking forward to Blog and see you all there!

Christel Daundaratne

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We have offer here a collection of coloring pages of Animals, Foods, Nature, Christmas and general images for your child to color. Please feel free to save and print them as needed. 

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